Business Loan

What are Business Loans

The term Business loans is fairly generic and there is a vast spectrum of the different types of finance options that a business can access. However, in the current context , under Business loans we are largely referring to unsecured income-based loans for self-employed individuals or companies.

Unsecured business loans have no requirement for a security or collateral to be submitted and are offered purely on the current financial strength and past credit record of the borrower.

Such loans can extend from Rs 1 lakh to 1 crore and have a repayment period of 1-5 years. They are ideal for companies looking at funds for capital expenditure, infrastructure/ business development, business expansion or for that matter to fund any small to medium term enterprise.

They are not as flexible as overdrafts and other credit lines which usually support day-to-day working capital requirements but given the unsecured nature of the product, they are relatively easy to avail with simple paper work and speedy processing and the borrower does not need to lock in any asset or security as a collateral. However, that also means that Business loans are usually costlier than other forms of secured business finance.

How is my eligibility determined for a Business Loan

Your eligibility is determined after looking at the following:

• Last 2-3 years business financials
• Years in business and current level of business activity.
• Nature of the industry the business operates in and how that industry has fared in recent times
• The current level of obligations of the company i.e. the other Installments (EMIs) , credit limits and other types of finance the company may have.
• The company's past credit history

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